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Turtle Tutoring is a non-profit organization that provides free tutoring to ensure everyone, especially individuals with learning difficulties such as ADHD or Dyslexia, has the resources they need to succeed. Our panel of tutors specializes in middle school to high school subjects and is trained to work with people with diverse needs. Take the initiative to join Turtle Tutoring to bridge the gap or accelerate your educational journey!

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Watch recorded sessions of our classes now! Or email us at turtletutoringnj@gmail.com

We are proud to announce our Partnership with The Egalitarian!

The Egalitarian is an inter-scholastic blog founded by Matviy from Ukraine who recognized the disparity in mental health awareness and resources in Ukraine compared to the United States. 

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1000+ Collective Volunteer Hours

350+ Students

30+ Volunteer Tutors

10+ Offered Subjects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Courses Free?

Yes! TurtleTutoring's courses are all 100% free and everyone is eligible to sign up! People with learning difficulties are eligible for 1-on-1 private tutoring.

Do Volunteers Earn Volunteer Hours?

Yes! Volunteers will receive volunteer hours for the time that they take to teach and prepare for a course. Certificates will be handed out each month, indicating the number of hours they earned.